We advocate for permanent, worldwide observation of natural time, facilitated by geographically appropriate, sun-based time zones. History and a growing body of scientific evidence show this is essential for health, safety, education, work, economy, environment, and human rights.

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Platform of the International Alliance for Natural Time

On 10 October 2020, European and North American health advocates, time-use advocates, and NGOs, backed by chronobiologists, neuroscientists, and economists, formed an international alliance to raise public and political awareness of the need for permanent restoration of the natural time zones that are geographically appropriate to each state. We seek to provide citizens and lawmakers with complete, reliable information that is relevant and essential to the setting of civil clocks.

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An overwhelming and growing body of evidence from scientific studies and real-world trials shows that living in time zones that are not aligned with our internal biological clocks is both acutely and chronically harmful.

Misalignment with our internal biological clocks significantly increases rates of sleep deprivation, sleep disorders, depression, metabolic disorders, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and early mortality. It disrupts traffic and work with decreased performance and increased accidents. It hinders education and learning ability. It shifts human activity times, escalating fuel consumption and energy waste. It needlessly burdens healthcare systems, economies, and the environment.

Acute misalignment with our internal biological clocks is forced on society through biannual clock changes in early spring and late autumn. Chronic misalignment is forced on society by adopting longitudinally inappropriate time zones. Permanent restoration of the time zone that is closest to a state’s natural time, as defined by the sun, solves both problems simply and easily.

It is a human right to live in conditions that permit the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. Permanent and geographically appropriate natural time zones will improve quantity and quality of sleep. It will benefit mental health, physical health, longevity, and adolescent development. It will improve safety, alertness, and performance on roads, at school, and at work. In large countries spanning several time zones, natural time has proven to have a positive effect on the internal market. It will reduce expenses, pollution, and climate change. It will provide balanced and healthful benefit of natural day and night in all seasons. It is a vital aspect of a just and sustainable society.

We call on the European Union, its national authorities, and the federal, state, and provincial governments of the United States and of Canada, to acknowledge the available scientific evidence provided by the world’s leading researchers in chronobiology and environmental sciences, and to agree to restore their state’s geographically appropriate time zones before March of 2021.

To each state its own natural time!